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To help organize this homesite
this webbook collects links to fourteen articles
that arguably acquired the greatest influence.



WWW K & P. E3. M 1963e. New methods in statistical economics.
The Journal of Political Economy: 71, 421-440.
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• Reprint: Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute, 34th Session, Ottawa: 40, (book 2), 1964, 699-720.
• Reprint: Vilfredo Pareto: Critical Assessments, Edited by John C. Wood & Michael McLure. London: Routledge, 1999, IV, 241-263.
• Reprint: Forecasting Financial Markets. Edited by Terence C. Mills. The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics. Series Editor: Mark Blaug. Cheltenham UK: Edward Elgar, 2002.


WWW K & P. E14. M 1963b. The variation of certain speculative prices.
The Journal of Business of the University of Chicago: 36, 394-419.
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• Photographic reprint followed by discussions by Eugene F. Fama and Paul H. Cootner: The Random Character of Stock Market Prices. Edited by Paul H. Cootner. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1964, 297-337.
E14. Separately published abstract: Econometrica: 31, 1963, 757-758.
E14. Addendum: Linear regression with non-normal error terms: a comment. Review of Economics and Statistics: 53, 1971, 205.
• Addendum: Correction of an error in “The variation of certain speculative prices”. Journal of Business of the University of Chicago: 45, 1972, 542-543. [ PDF (564 KB) ]
• Citation Classic. Current Contents: 14, 1982, 20.
• Photographic reprint: Futures Markets. Three volumes edited by A. G. Malliaris. Cheltenham UK: Edward Elgar, 1996. 2, 173-198.
• Reprint: Classic Futures: Lessons from the Past for the Electronic Age. Edited by Lester Telser. London: Risk Books. 2000, 649-683.


WWW K. M 1967s. How long is the coast of Britain? Statistical self-similarity and fractional dimension. Science: 156, 636-638.
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WWW K. H11. M & John W. VAN NESS 1968. Fractional Brownian motions, fractional noises and applications. SIAM Review: 10, 422-437.
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• Critique of a would-be improvement: On an eigenfunction expansion and on fractional Brownian motions. Lettere al Nuovo Cimento: 33, 1982, 549-550.


WWW K. H25. M & James R. WALLIS 1969. Robustness of the rescaled range R/S in the measurement of noncyclic long-run statistical dependence. Water Resources Research: 5, 967-988.
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WWW K & M. N14. M 1972i. Possible refinement of the lognormal hypothesis concerning the distribution of energy dissipation in intermittent turbulence. Statistical Models and Turbulence (La Jolla, California). Edited by Murray Rosenblatt & Charles Van Atta (Lecture Notes in Physics 12). New York: Springer, 333-351.
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WWW K. N15. M 1974f. Intermittent turbulence in self-similar cascades; divergence of high moments and dimension of the carrier. Journal of Fluid Mechanics: 62, 331-358.
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• Excerpt: The Wolf Prizes for Physics. Edited by T.W.B. Kibble. Singapore, World Scientific, 2003.


WWW K. H18. M 1975f. On the geometry of homogeneous turbulence, with stress on the fractal dimension of the isosurfaces of scalars. Journal of Fluid Mechanics: 72, 401-416.
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WWW K. H19. M 1975w. Stochastic models for the Earth's relief, the shape and the fractal dimension of the coastlines, and the number-area rule for islands. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA): 72, 3825-3828.
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WWW K. C. M 1980n. Fractal aspects of the iteration of z -> λ z (1-z) for complex λ and z. Non-Linear Dynamics (New York, 1979). Edited by Robert H. G. Helleman. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences: 357, 249-259.

• Abstract: Non-linear random dynamics and fractal attractors. Proceedings of the XIVth International Conference on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (Statphys 14), August 1980, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
• Letter to the Editor. Scientific American: July 1982, 8.
• Excerpt: A fractal attractor, and why it may matter. Physics as Natural Philosophy: A Festschrift for Laszlo Tisza. Edited by Herman Feshbach & Abner Shimony, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1982, front jacket and pp. 3-6.
• Excerpt: The Wolf Prizes for Physics. Edited by T.W.B. Kibble. Singapore: World Scientific, 2003.


WWW K. H22,23,24. M 1986t. Self-affine fractal sets, I: The basic fractal dimensions, II: Length and area measurements, III: Hausdorff dimension anomalies and their implications. Fractals in Physics (Trieste, 1985). Edited by Luciano Pietronero & Erio Tosatti, Amsterdam: North-Holland, 3-28.
• Part 1 [ PDF (246 KB) ]
• Part 2 [ PDF (143 KB) ]
• Part 3 [ PDF (531 KB) ]

• Reprint of Part I: Dynamics of Fractal Surfaces. Edited by Fereydoon Family & Tamas Vicsek. Singapore: World Scientific, 1991, 21-36.


WWW K, M & P. M 2001c. Scaling in financial prices, III: Cartoon Brownian motions in multifractal time. Quantitative Finance: 1, 427-440.
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WWW K, M & P. M 2001d. Scaling in financial prices, IV: Multifractal concentration. Quantitative Finance: 1, 641-649.
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WWW K & M. Julien BARRAL, Marc-Olivier COPPENS, & M 2003. Multiperiodic multifractal martingale measures. Journal des mathématiques pures et appliquée, in the press.
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