Summer Undergraduate Mathematics Research at Yale

I co-cordinate the Summer Undergraduate Math Research program at Yale (SUMRY). SUMRY is a ten week summer program designed to promote research in mathematics and the mathematical sciences among Yale undergraduates. Over the summer, students will work together with graduate students and faculty on interesting open problems. The SUMRY program is directed by Professor Sam Payne. In SUMRY 2016, we will have about 18 Yale undergraduate students working full time in six groups, mentored by two Gibbs Assistant Professors and four math graduate students. SUMRY 2016 will run from June 6 to August 12.

We expect to accept about 18 undergrads for SUMRY 2016 to work on interesting open problems in mathematics and hopefully make publishable contributions to their solutions. SUMRY has been a very successful and rewarding program for the past few years. SUMRY Students will receive a total stipend of about $3400 and will be in charge of making their own housing arrangements. For detailed information, lists of past and future projects, and instructions to apply please visit the SUMRY Webpage.

      Undergraduate Research Mini-Conference

SUMRY 2016 participants will present their results in the Northeast Mathematics Undergraduate Research Mini-Symposium and at MAA MathFest 2016 in Columbus, Ohio.

                    REU Mini-Conference 2014 at Yale

              REU Mini-Conference 2015