Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

Diffusion-Limited Aggregation, or DLA, is an extraordinarily simple computer simulation of the formation of clusters by particles diffusing through a medium that jostles the particles as they move.
We begin with simple DLA, where the particles are confined to a grid.
Here are some examples of better DLA, larger clusters, the particles are not confined to a grid, and the particles move according to Brownian motion.
Much of the basic structure of DLA clusters is easy to understand.
DLA was proposed to model certain tyes of aggregation.
The dimension of DLA clusters can be calculated and measured.
Here is a physical example of DLA in electrodeposition.
Here is a physical example of DLA in dielectric breakdown.
Here is a physical example of DLA in the formation of snowflakes.
Here is a cartoon of how DLA may have catalyzed the formation of planets.
Finally, here are some recent developments in the theoretical study of DLA.