This is a webpage for the pre-seminar to the seminar by Daniel Juteau, Carl Mautner, Simon Riche and Geordie Williamson somewhere in Russia in July 2019. Ask Valera L. for details. The pre-seminar lectures will be given by myself and Vasya Krylov. It's conceivable that this page (or its successor at Yale) is going to be occasionally updated with various materials.

Less preliminary program.


a) Algebraic geometry: Chapters 2 and 3 of Hartshonre should be sufficient.

b) Homological algebra: we are going to assume a reasonable knowledge of derived and triangulated category. Chapter 1 of Kashiwara-Shapira should be sufficient.

c) Lie algebras and algebraic groups. This is going to be reminded but a prior familiarity with the basics of the subject will be very useful.

Problems on highest weight categories.

Lecture notes for Friday, Saturday and Sunday lectures -- and a bit more:
Notes on reductive algebraic groups.
Notes on sheaves.
Notes on category O.
Notes on rational representations in positive characteristic.
Notes on Hecke algebras and Kazhdan-Lusztig bases.
Notes on affine Weyl groups (not covered in lectures).
Notes on reductive groups, category O, and Hecke algebras with proofs.