Seminar: Hitchin moduli spaces.

Time: F3-5, location: zoom (password was sent by Ivan on 9/16).

Seminar announcement including prerequisites, topics and references.

Organized by Ivan Losev and Andy Neitzke, with help from Sasha Goncharov.

Notes and videos are posted here.


  • Sept 18, Gurbir Dhillon, Introduction to Higgs bundles.
  • Sept 25, Gurbir continues.
  • Oct 2, Do Kien Hoang starts on Symplectic and Kahler quotients, and connections to GIT.
  • Oct 9, Kien finishes.
  • Oct 16, Yaochen Wu starts on Hyperkahler manifolds and hyperkahler reductions.
  • Oct 23, Yaochen finishes. Sebastian Schulz starts on The moduli space of holomorphic vector bundles.
  • Oct 30. Sebastian continues.
  • Nov 6. Sebastian finishes.
  • Nov 13. Kolya Malkin starts on Moduli spaces of Higgs bundles, structure of an integrable system.
  • Nov 20. Kolya finishes. Mitya Matvieievvskyi starts on constructing the moduli space of Higgs bundles.
  • Dec 4. Mitya continues.