Ivan Losev's homepage

CV (updated Jan 8, 2022).

Course materials.

A picture of me with the Big tilting object (courtesy of Evgeny Smirnov). Another picture of me, thinking about thesis topics for graduate students (courtesy of Jose Simental Rodriguez, my former graduate student). And this is how my current graduate students see the process (courtesy Xin Xu).

Seminars that I have organized.

I'm in the editorial boards of Journal of Combinatorial algebra, Selecta Mathematica and Transformation groups.

In Spring 2022, I'm teaching MATH 603, Introductory Topics in Representation theory. The webpage is here.

In Fall 2021, I taught MATH 380/500, Modern Algebra I. The webpage is here.

I also organize Algebra and Geometry lecture series at Yale. The webpage is here.

I organize conferences On the crossroads of Algebra, Geometry and Physics at Yale (May 16-20), and From Representation theory to Mathematical Physics and back at SCGP (May 31-June 4).

On June 13-17, I give a lectures series at MIT. For more details, see here.