Bi-annual Algebraic and Tropical Meetings of
Brown and YaLE


The BATMOBYLE is a vehicle for bringing together the algebraic and tropical geometry groups of Brown and Yale for a biannual day of talks alternating between the two universities.

Josephine Yu Fall 2018 @ Yale

Josephine Yu (Georgia Tech)
Real tropicalization and analytification of semialgebraic sets
speaker Spring 2018 @ MIT

Qile Chen (Boston College)
Witten's r-spin class via logarithmic compactification
Paul Hacking Fall 2017 @ Yale

Paul Hacking (UMass Amherst)
Smoothing toric Fano varieties via mirror symmetry
Diane Maclagan Spring 2017 @ Brown

Diane Maclagan (Warick)
Tropical Schemes
Bernd Sturmfels Fall 2016 @ Brown

Bernd Sturmfels (UC Berkeley)
Nearest Points on Toric Varieties
Johannes Nicaise Spring 2016 @ Yale
Johannes Nicaise (Imperial College London)
Geometric invariants of non-archimedean semi-algebraic sets
June Huh Fall 2015 @ Yale

June Huh (Princeton/IAS)
Hodge theory for combinatorial geometries
Joe Rabinoff Spring 2015 @ Brown

Joe Rabinoff (Georgia Tech)
Uniformity of rational points and tropical geometry
Jerzy Weyman Fall 2014 @ Yale
Jerzy Weyman (University of Connecticut)
Semi-invariants of quivers, cluster algebras, and the hive model

Brown Organizers:
Dan Abramovich (Brown), Kenny Ascher (MIT), Dori Bejleri (Brown), Melody Chan (Brown), and Nathan Pflueger (Amherst).

Yale Organizers:
Asher Auel (Yale), Kalina Mincheva (Yale), and Yuchen Liu (Yale).

Past organizers:
Angie Cueto (Ohio State), José González (UC Riverside), Brendan Hassett (Brown), Nathan Kaplan (UC Irvine), Max Kutler (Kentucky), Dhruv Ranganathan (Cambridge), and Sam Payne (Yale).