Stefan Steinerberger

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I am an Assistant Professor in the Math Department at Yale. I can be reached via

Office: 456 DL
Department of Mathematics
Yale University
10 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06510
phone: (203)-432-4689

My main field of research is analysis, where I like questions combining PDEs, geometry, spectral theory and harmonic analysis.
My research is supported by NSF DMS-1763179 and the Sloan Foundation.
curriculum vitae
Spring 2018: MATH 247 (Partial Differential Equations)
Office Hours: Tue 2pm - 4pm
All relevant information will be posted in the canvas system. In case of questions, send me an email.


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  2. A Compactness Principle for Maximizing Smooth Functions over Toroidal Geodesics, arxiv
  3. (with Alex Cloninger) On the Dual Geometry of Laplacian Eigenfunctions, arxiv
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  15. (with Sam Johnson) The Aesthetic Psychology of Mathematics, SSRN (long) and arXiv (abridged)
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Travel/Events 2018  

Bristol (10.-12. Jan)
Meeting on Sampling, Uncertainty Principles, and Combinatorial Methods in Harmonic Analysis, BCAM (Bilbao), (15.-17. Jan)
Memorial Conference in Honor of Alan McIntosh, ANU (Canberra) (10.-17. Feb.)
Optimal and Random Point Configurations (26. Feb - 2. Mar), ICERM
Analysis Seminar, UC San Diego (11. Mar - 14. Mar)
Colloquium, University of Oregon (30. April)
Analysis seminar, University of Oregon (1. May)
NTNU Trondheim, Norway (31. May - 1. June)
Harmonic Analysis and Applications (3. Jun - 9. Jun), Strobl (Austria)
Harmonic Analysis, IAS/Park City, Utah (July)
ETH-UZurich Colloquium for Applied and Computational Mathematics (May)
Workshop, Shape optimization with Surface Interactions, American Institute of Mathematics (June 17 - 21)