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This open-ended webbook will be extended
as needs and opportunities arise.
It consists in links to the author’s
publications that concern multifractals
but not economics and finance and
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The first paper on random multifractals was Mandelbrot 1969b. It and other papers I wrote in the heroic nineteen-seventies were reprinted as part of my Selecta Volume N: Multifractals and 1/f Noise. Later, Frisch & Parisi 1985 proposed the term “multifractal,” and Halsey et al 1986 was an excellent and influential expository paper. Earlier papers by Besicovitch, Kolmogorov, and Yaglom faced none of the mathematical or practical issues but exerted a major influence.

This webbook is largely an organizational and taxonomic fiction, since it simply serves to bring together in orderly fashion the publications in this website that concern multifractals. Therefore, the whole reduces to a title page, a foreword, and a table of contents.



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[ PDF (774 KB) ]


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[ PDF (96 KB) ]


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[ PDF (7.79 MB) ]

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[ PDF (2.92 MB) ]


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