Deterministic Chaos

6.D.3. Histograms of Orbits

Following the graphical iteration path, we see some of the paths appear to run over the same lines. Often, this is the effect of the nonzero width of pixels. Near enough numerical values can fall in the same pixel.
To keep track of this, we plot the histogram of the iterates.
  Divide the vertical unit interval into some number of bins, one bin per pixel for example.
  Then every time an xi lands in a bin, we increment the counter of the number of points that have landed in that bin.
  Visually, we represent this by plotting another pixel to the right.
Click the picture to see the first few steps in constructing a histogram.
Here are some examples for the logistic map L(x) = s⋅x⋅(1 - x). Click each numner for the graphical iteration and histogram pictures.
s=0.9 s=1.3 s=2.75 s=3.1 s=3.5 s=3.55 s=3.566
s=3.58 s=3.6 s=3.7 s=3.82 s=3.828 s=3.829 s=3.845
In some of these we see examples of cycles and intermittency.

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