Conferences and Workshops Organized

  1. Tropical geometry and moduli spaces, ICM Satellite Conference (with O. Lorscheid, M. Melo, and J. Nicaise), August 13–17, 2018

  2. Nonarchimedean and tropical geometry, Simons Symposium (with M. Baker), May 15–19, 2017 (Notes from talks)

  3. Chip-firing and tropical curves, Graduate Summer Schoool at MSRI (with M. Baker and D. Jensen), July 25–August 4, 2016

  4. Algebraic, tropical, and nonarchimedean analytic geometry of moduli spaces, Casa Matemática Oaxaca (BIRS-CMO) Workshop (with M. Baker, M. Chan, and D. Jensen), May 1–6, 2016

  5. Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES), Yale University. April 8–10, 2016.

  6. Nonarchimedean and tropical geometry, AMS Summer Institute in Algebraic Geometry afternoon session (with A. Werner), July 20–24, 2015

  7. Nonarchimedean and tropical geometry, Simons Symposium (with M. Baker), February 1–5, 2015 (Notes from talks)

  8. REU mini-conference, Yale (with A. Folsom and SUMRY), July 25, 2014

  9. Algebraic Foundations for Tropical Geometry, Yale University, May 11–14, 2014

  10. Specialization of Linear Series for Tropical and Algebraic Curves, Banff International Resesarch Station (with M. Baker, Lucia Caporaso, A. Cueto, and E. Katz), March 30–April 4, 2014

  11. Tropical and Nonarchimedean Analytic Geometry, AMS Mathematical Research Communities workshop at Snowbird (with M. Baker), June 9–15, 2013

  12. Algebraic Geometry NorthEastern Series (AGNES), Yale University (with M. Kapranov), April 19–21, 2013

  13. Nonarchimedean and Tropical Geometry, Simons Symposium (with M. Baker), March 31–April 6, 2013 (Notes from talks)

  14. Implementing algebraic geometry algorithms, (with H. Abo, A. Leykin, and A. Taylor). American Institute of Mathematics, October 26–30, 2009

  15. Moduli Spaces of Curves and Gromov-Witten Theory, Univeristy of Michigan. (with R. Cavalieri), April 2006