Nicholas F. Marshall

Nicholas F. Marshall

Applied Mathematics Program
Department of Mathematics
Yale University
Arthur K. Watson Hall
51 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511 USA

Office: AKW 102



  1. arXiv:1711.06711 [pdf]
    Manifold learning with bi-stochastic kernels
    with Ronald Coifman

  2. arXiv:1707.00682 [pdf]
    Stretching convex domains to capture many lattice points

  3. arXiv:1706.04170 [pdf]
    Triangles capturing many lattice points
    with Stefan Steinerberger
    Mathematika (accepted March, 2018)

  4. arXiv:1704.02962 [pdf]
    The Stability of the First Neumann Laplacian Eigenfunction Under Domain Deformations and Applications

  5. arXiv:1608.03628 [pdf, doi]
    Time Coupled Diffusion Maps
    with Matthew Hirn
    Appl. Comput. Harmon. Anal. (accepted November, 2017)