XWPL, the X Wavelet Packet Laboratory

This is the home page for release 1.3 of XWPL, the X Window System Wavelet Packet Laboratory. This release is the final release for the quasi-abandonware program, which hasn't ben updated since 1994. It is available (in binary form only) in this directory on on gauss.math.yale.edu, in the directory /pub/wavelets/software/xwpl.

Unfortunately, I cannot release the sources as this work was funded by Yale, DARPA and many others, so please don't ask

Reasonably recent binaries are available for the following platforms: Obsolete binaries are available for the following platforms: All bug-reports, suggestions, clarifications, flames, etc... should be directed to the author, Fazal Majid (majid@math.yale.edu).

What is Xwpl ?

XWPL is an X based tool to examine one-dimensional real-valued signals using wavelets and wavelet packets. It has been designed to be as easy to use as possible for beginners. It is intended more as an educational and exploratory tool than as a numerical analysis program, even though it uses fast, optimized wavelet and wavelet packet transforms.

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Click here for the HTML for a hypertext version of the XWPL reference manual (converted from the LaTeX original), and here for the PDF version

What are Wavelets and Wavelet Packets ?

In short, wavelets are a way to analyze a signal using base functions which are localized both in time (as diracs, but unlike sine waves), and in frequency (as sine waves, but unlike diracs). They can be used for efficient numerical algorithms and many DSP or compression applications.

The mathematical theory behind wavelets (and other related transforms) is given in the appendix of the XWPL reference manual.

Other sources of information on wavelets are:

How to install it

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No Warranty

XWPL is put on anonymous ftp as a service to the math/DSP/internet communities. There is no warranty for this software. If you are not satisfied with these terms, do not use it!

No Warranty

Fazal Majid (majid@math.yale.edu)
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