Manufactured Fractals

Nature is filled with fractals, but the manufactured world is mostly Euclidean. Technology developed without exploiting iteration across many scales. Yet the lessons of blind physical forces, and of billions of years of organic evolution, assert the importance of fractals. Recently, some industries have started exploiting fractal forms. Here are a few examples.
Fractal Antennas: a multitude of scales allows for broad-band reception in a compact space.
Fractal Drums: multiple length scales of the periphery give rise to localized excitations - only a part of the drumhead moves - and to very efficient absorption of sound.
Fractal Fiberoptics Fractal bundles of optical fibers make waveguides with very low distortion.
Fractal Internet Traffic Understanding the fractal nature of internet traffic clarifies the design parameters.
Fractal Mixers Using the design of the lungs, two fluids can be thoroughly mixed with very low turbulence.
Image Compression A (localized) variation of Iterated Function Systems has been used to automatically compress images.
Perhaps the real blossoming of industrial fractals will come once nanotechnology has developed cell-sized constructors. Swarms of these could organize themselves hierarchically to build fractals, with results different from those suggested by Lem, we hope.