Fractal Geometry Lesson Plan Archive

Lesson Plans
Dimension Analysis: Why lines are 1-dimensional, squares are 2-dimensional, and cubes are 3-dimensional
Dimensions: How dimensions can be determined using logarithms
Introduction to Fractals: self-similarity, iteration, geometry of plane transformations
Pascal and Sierpinski Triangles: How is Pascal's triangle related to the Sierpinski gasket?

Possible topics for leson plans and where they fit into the curriculum
Iterated Function Systems Geometry of plane transformations, also sequences, convergence, even basic ideas such as ratio and proportion
Fractal dimension Logarithms, exponents, scaling, linear regression
Block fractals Computing lengths, areas, and volumes, geometric series
Mandelbrot set Complex arithmetic, complex iteration, sequences, convergence
Graphical iteration Composition of functions and their domains and ranges
Pascal's triangle Pascal's triangle, arithmetic in different bases