Math 190a

Autumn 2012 Daily Notes

Here is a brief preparation guide, indicating the level of mathematical background expected.

Thursday 30 Aug Introduction to fractals, types of self-similarity, examples of fractals in nature and the arts
Tuesday 4 Sept Iterated function systems, a language for making fractals.   notes Thursday 6 Sept Finding rules to make fractals, continued   review   notes
Tuesday 11 Sept The chaos game, the random IFS algorithm   review   notes Thursday 13 Sept Driven IFS: using fractals to find hidden patterns   review   notes
Tuesday 18 Sept Continuing driven IFS   review Thursday 20 Sept Measuring fractals, box-counting dimension   review   notes
Tuesday 25 Sept Similarity dimension, the Moran equation, mass dimension   review   notes Thursday 27 Sept The algebra of dimensions, some applications of dimension   review   notes
Tuesday 2 Oct Generalizing dimensions: multifractals   review   notes Thursday 4 Oct More multifractals and some random fractals   review   notes
Tuesday 9 Oct Manufactured fractals   review Thursday 11 Oct Fractals in the wild  
Tuesday 16 Oct Midterm review   review Thursday 18 Oct Midterm Exam and solutions
Tuesday 23 Oct Random fractals   review Thursday 25 Oct
Tuesday 30 Oct Fractal cartoons of financial processes, the Trading Time theorem   Thursday 1 Nov A brief glimpse of chaos, simple processes with very complicated dynamics   review   notes
Tuesday 6 Nov Some ways to analyze chaotic data   review   notes Thursday 8 Nov Driven IFS analysis of chaotic data   review   notes
Tuesday 13 Nov Cellular automata: fractals in space and time   Thursday 15 Nov The universe is a cellular automaton: views for and against   review
Tuesday 20 Nov   Thursday 22 Nov  
Tuesday 27 Nov Complex iteration, Julia sets, and the Mandelbrot set   notes Thursday 29 Nov Some basic properties of the Mandelbrot set   review   notes
Tuesday 4 Dec Fractal basin boundaries, the Mandelbrot set is everywhere   review Thursday 6 Dec Some things we do (and don't) know about the Mandelbrot set   review   notes

Tutor Maddie Oliver
Hours Tuesday, 7:30pm-8:30pm and Wednesday 7:30pm-9:30pm
Location Stiles Common Room

Final Exam review notes
Final Exam: Thursday, December 13, 7pm - 10:30pm
Here are practice final 1 and its solutions.
Here are practice final 2 and its solutions.
Here are practice final 3 and its solutions.
Here are practice final 4 and its solutions.
Here are practice final 5 and its solutions.
Here are practice final 6 and its solutions.
Here are the final exam and its solutions.
Under no circumstances will an early final exam be given.
With a dean's excuse, the final exam can be postponed until the second week of the spring semester.