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Junior Faculty

Everyone listed below can be emailed at firstname.lastname@yale.edu

Asher AuelGibbs Assistant Professor203-432-4187210 LOM
Ross BerkowitzGibbs Assistant Professor203-
Patrick DevlinGibbs Assistant Professor203-222C
Matthew DurhamGibbs Assistant ProfessorLOM 211B
Ilya GekhtmanGibbs Assistant Professor4752329031213 LOM
Nishanth GudapatiPostdoctoral Fellow203-432-4181222A LOM
Jeremy HoskinsGibbs Assistant Professor - Applied Mathematics203-
Max KutlerGibbs Assistant Professor203-
Arie LevitGibbs Assistant Professor203-432-3608211C LOM
Yuchen LiuGibbs Assistant Professor203.LOM 219B
Kalina MinchevaGibbs Assistant Professor203-406 DL
Gal MishneGibbs Assistant Professor - Applied MathematicsAKW 102
Manas RachhGibbs Assistant Professor - Applied Mathematics203-51 Prospect AKW
Ilia SmilgaGibbs Assistant Professor203-432-4016416 DL
Stefan SteinerbergerAssistant Professor203-432-4689456 DL
Oleksandr TsymbaliukGibbs Assistant Professor203-432-5080219C LOM
Guy WolfGibbs Assistant Professor - Applied Mathematics203-51 Prospect AKW
Philsang YooGibbs Assistant Professor203-