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Graduate Students

Everyone listed below can be emailed at firstname.lastname@yale.edu

Efim AbrikosovGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (10)
Sahil AgarwalGraduate Student, Applied Math203-107 KGL
Fernando Al AssalGraduate Student203-401 DL (2)
Gabriel Bergeron-LegrosGraduate Student203-403 DL (26)
Louis BrownGraduate Student203-403 DL (24)
Aaron CalderonGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (6)
Daniel CoreyGraduate Student203-432-7047LOM 209
Andrei Florin DeneanuGraduate Student, Applied Math203-747-2679114 AKW
Yakir FormanGraduate Student203-433 DL (37)
Netanel FriedenbergGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (14)
Elijah FrommGraduate Student203-401 DL (16)
James GarritanoGraduate Student - Applied Math203-
Philip GreengardGraduate Student, Applied Math203-
Thomas HilleGraduate Student203-432-7047403 DL (27)
Oleksii KislinskyiGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (17)
Jennifer LaineGraduate Student, Applied Math203-
Michael LandryGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (7)
Min Ju LeeGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (18)
Huamin LiGraduate Student, Applied Math203-114 AKW
Yau Wing LiGraduate Student203-403 DL (25)
Shiyue LiGraduate Student203-401 DL (21)
George LindermanGraduate Student, Applied MathAKW 112
Nikolay MalkinGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL
Nicholas MarshallGraduate Student, Applied Math203-
Daniel MontealegreGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (19)
Florencia Orosz HunzikerGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (11)
Wenyu PanGraduate Student203-LOM 208
Lam PhamGraduate student203-403 DL (28)
Alexander RasmussenGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (22)
Pratyush SarkarGraduate Student203-433 DL (32)
Kirill SerkhGraduate Student203-111 AKW
Zeyu ShenGraduate Student203-401 DL (13)
Arseniy SheydvasserGraduate Student203-432-7315LOM 207
Byungmin SoGraduate Student203-433 DL (35)
Jeremy UsatineGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (12)
Daping WengGraduate Student203-432-7315DL 433 (37)
Joon-Hyeok YimGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (9)
Elad ZelingherGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (15)
Guangyu ZhuGraduate Student203-432-7315433 DL (38)