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Everyone listed below can be emailed at firstname.lastname@yale.edu

Ian AdelsteinLecturer419 DL
Asher AuelGibbs Assistant Professor203-432-4187210 LOM
Richard BealsProfessor Emeritus203-432-4176221 LOM
Ross BerkowitzGibbs Assistant Professor203-
Andrew CassonDUS, Philip S. Beebe Professor of Mathematics 203-432-7056216 LOM
Aaron ClarkLecturer203-432-4172
Ronald CoifmanPhillips Professor of Math and Computer Science203-432-1213219A LOM / 108A AKW
Patrick DevlinGibbs Assistant Professor203-222C
Matthew DurhamGibbs Assistant ProfessorLOM 211B
Igor FrenkelChairman, Professor of Mathematics203-432-6471408 DL
Howard GarlandProfessor Emeritus203-432-4688435 DL
Ilya GekhtmanGibbs Assistant Professor4752329031213 LOM
Alexander GoncharovProfessor of Mathematics203-432-4192212A LOM
Nishanth GudapatiPostdoctoral Fellow203-432-4181222A LOM
Shamgar GurevitchVisiting Associate Professor203-Dunham Lab
John HallLecturer203-432-4170427 DL
Marketa (Miki) HavlickovaNathan Jacobson Lecturer203-432-4682446 DL
Jeremy HoskinsGibbs Assistant Professor - Applied Mathematics203-
Roger HoweProfessor Emeritus203-432-4686220B LOM
Peter JonesJames E. English Professor of Mathematics & Applied Math203-432-7313220A LOM
Gil KalaiAdjunct Professor203-432-1238 /432-3608404 AKW/211C LOM
Sudesh KalyanswamyLecturer203-417 DL
Max KutlerGibbs Assistant Professor203-
Arie LevitGibbs Assistant Professor203-432-3608211C LOM
Yuchen LiuGibbs Assistant Professor203.LOM 219B
Alexander LubotzkyAdjunct Professor203-432-2775218 LOM
Gregory MargulisErastus L. DeForest Professor of Mathematics203-432-4687452 DL
Kalina MinchevaGibbs Assistant Professor203-406 DL
Yair MinskyEinar Hille Professor of Mathematics203-432-4018448 DL
Gal MishneGibbs Assistant Professor - Applied MathematicsAKW 102
Vincent MoncriefProfessor of Physics and Mathematics203-432-693064 SPL
Hee OhAbraham Robinson Professor of Mathematics203-432-4193212B LOM
Sam PayneProfessor of Mathematics, DGS203-432-4680219A LOM
Manas RachhGibbs Assistant Professor - Applied Mathematics203-51 Prospect AKW
Nicholas ReadProfessor Department of Physics and Mathematics203-432-5042SPL 55B
Vladimir RokhlinProfessor of Computer Science and Mathematics203-432-6490108 AKW
Erik RosenthalLecturer203-432-4071421 DL
George SeligmanProfessor Emeritus203-432-4684410 DL
Ilia SmilgaGibbs Assistant Professor203-432-4016416 DL
Brett SmithPostdoctorate Associate423 DL
Daniel SpielmanProfessor of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science203-436-1264201 AKW
Stefan SteinerbergerAssistant Professor203-432-4689456 DL
Oleksandr TsymbaliukGibbs Assistant Professor203-432-5080219C LOM
James UebelackerLecturer203-432-4172
Sarah VigliottaLecturer203-402 DL
Van VuPercy F. Smith Professor of Mathematics203-432-7320454 DL
John WettlauferProfessor of Geophysics, Mathematics and Physics203-432-0892109 KGL
Guy WolfGibbs Assistant Professor - Applied Mathematics203-51 Prospect AKW
Jinwei YangLecturer203-432-4172
Philsang YooGibbs Assistant Professor203-
Gregg ZuckermanProfessor of Mathematics203-909-0115450 DL


Everyone listed below can be emailed at firstname.lastname@yale.edu

Efim AbrikosovGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (10)
Sahil AgarwalGraduate Student, Applied Math203-107 KGL
Fernando Al AssalGraduate Student203-401 DL (2)
Gabriel Bergeron-LegrosGraduate Student203-403 DL (26)
Louis BrownGraduate Student203-403 DL (24)
Aaron CalderonGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (6)
Daniel CoreyGraduate Student203-432-7047LOM 209
Andrei Florin DeneanuGraduate Student, Applied Math203-747-2679114 AKW
Yakir FormanGraduate Student203-433 DL (37)
Netanel FriedenbergGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (14)
Elijah FrommGraduate Student203-401 DL (16)
James GarritanoGraduate Student - Applied Math203-
Philip GreengardGraduate Student, Applied Math203-
Thomas HilleGraduate Student203-432-7047403 DL (27)
Oleksii KislinskyiGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (17)
Jennifer LaineGraduate Student, Applied Math203-
Michael LandryGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (7)
Min Ju LeeGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (18)
Huamin LiGraduate Student, Applied Math203-114 AKW
Yau Wing LiGraduate Student203-403 DL (25)
Shiyue LiGraduate Student203-401 DL (21)
George LindermanGraduate Student, Applied MathAKW 112
Nikolay MalkinGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL
Nicholas MarshallGraduate Student, Applied Math203-
Daniel MontealegreGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (19)
Florencia Orosz HunzikerGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (11)
Wenyu PanGraduate Student203-LOM 208
Lam PhamGraduate student203-403 DL (28)
Alexander RasmussenGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (22)
Pratyush SarkarGraduate Student203-433 DL (32)
Kirill SerkhGraduate Student203-111 AKW
Zeyu ShenGraduate Student203-401 DL (13)
Arseniy SheydvasserGraduate Student203-432-7315LOM 207
Byungmin SoGraduate Student203-433 DL (35)
Jeremy UsatineGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (12)
Daping WengGraduate Student203-432-7315DL 433 (37)
Joon-Hyeok YimGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (9)
Elad ZelingherGraduate Student203-432-7047401 DL (15)
Guangyu ZhuGraduate Student203-432-7315433 DL (38)


Everyone listed below can be emailed at firstname.lastname@yale.edu

Jo-Ann AhearnFinancial Assistant203-432-8829440 DL
Diane AltschulerSenior Administrative Assistant203-432-1278434 DL
Krystal AugustineAdministrative Assistant203-432-7058DL 444
Yvette BarnardGraduate & Undergraduate Registrar203-432-7792438 DL
Tisheena HarrisFinance and Administrative, Manager203-432-4180Dunham Lab
Claudia VillanoFaculty Support IT Staff203-645-4493442 DL
Nathesia WethingtonAcademic Support, Applied Math program 203-432-1278107A AKW